57 Ashmore Street, Erskineville

57 Ashmore Street

Greenland Australia and its joint venture partner GH Australia plan to transform the 6.9-hectare light industrial site between Ashmore Road and Coulson Street in Erskineville, in Sydney’s inner south, into a beautiful new mixed-use development that features modern design and is both water and energy efficient. The site is mostly covered by warehouses at present.

It is proposed to have nine development blocks with buildings ranging in height from two to eight storeys, a 7,446-square metre public park (McPherson Park), major retail including a full-range supermarket and specialty shops. There will also be a wide shared walkway along the full length of the site linking Ashmore Street with Coulson Street (Kooka Walk), new streets and trunk drainage onsite, communal play areas and a 90-place commercial childcare centre.

The Stage 1 Masterplan Development Application (DA) approved on 3 March 2017 may see around 1400 apartments built over five-stages. The final number is still subject to Stage 2 DAs that will be submitted for assessment to the City of Sydney Council for each of the buildings. The joint venture is committed to excellence in design, and will hold five design competitions in accordance with the City of Sydney Competitive Design Alternatives Process.

There will be a range of studio, one-bedroom and three-bedroom properties for sale. A smaller number of terrace products will also be available in the north-western corner of the site near existing terraces in Ashmore Street. The premium offering will appeal to owner-occupiers and investors alike.


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